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Capital Translation Group is a group of translators specialized in translating legal, financial and corporate documents with dozens of years of combined experience.

Our translators have ample experience working with a large number of the most prestigious law firms in Mexico and the United States.

We likewise assist multinational companies with operations in a wide variety of industries

Why Us?


Our experience working with prestigious companies and law firms enables us to understand your needs.

Your translation will be made by experts on the subject of your documents, with the experience of having translated hundreds or even thousands of documents on related subjects.


We understand the sensitive nature of the information you entrust us, and the last thing we would want to do is to betray that trust. We understand that any disclosure of confidential information could result in problems.

Your information is in safe hands with Capital Translation Group, however, we understand that sometimes this is not enough. For this reason, we will execute nondisclosure agreements whenever our clients request it.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand that our clients need their translations as soon as possible. Therefore, we treat all requests for our services with the same priority.

Once we receive your request, our commitment is to provide you a quote within the next hour so that you may make a decision quickly over whether you require the service or not.

Likewise, we have a large team that is able to provide even the longest and most complicated translations within the timeframe that our clients require.


Our intention is to offer our clients options that fit their needs. In pursuance of this, we offer our clients different deadline/pricing options so that our clients may choose the option they deem most convenient.

Certified Translations

Governmental authorities sometimes require that translated documents filed before them be certified by a certified expert.

Fixed Prices

When Capital Translation Group offers you a price, that price is final, and not subject to changes.

No Advance Payment or Payment Against Delivery

We adapt to our client's payment policies.

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